Chicago Sandwich Restaurant Goes Two Full Years Without Creating Any Garbage

Owner and head chef Justin Vrany opened Chicago-based sustainability in mind, collecting old chairs from a closed down KFC, utilizing only local meat and produce and running the business on renewable energy. Most impressive of all is how the restaurant has managed to cut down on its trash output through composting, recycling and other methods. According to Vrany, the shop went a full two years without creating any waste, as documented in the short video Sandwich Me with “The Garbageless Restaurant” produced by NationSwell.

In a typical restaurant, about eight gallons of garbage is consumed in and thrown out into a dumpster in an hour. We did it in almost two years. And we just had an artist come in and pick up the eight gallons of garbage to make a sculpture out of, so we are now officially a zero-waste restaurant.

For those in the Chicago area, Vrany has started a free composting program through the restaurant.

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